These Lips Were Made for Talking (and Kissing, and Pouting, and …)


Ageless, Sensual Lips

Ageless, Sensual Lips

 One of the most exposed and constantly used portions of our body, lips are in constant motion, whether talking, expressing or eating.   They are also constantly exposed to extremes in climate and sun and wind.  Wrinkled, chapped lips can make you look older than your age and less healthy.  

     There are some tricks for keeping your lips in tip-top shape and looking soft and beautiful all the time.       Lips that are protected with lipstick and gloss tend to stay moisturized and younger looking.  Think moisturizer on your skin or a hat protecting your head from sun and rain.  

     Dry lips can be gently exfoliated with a scrub, such as Almond Skin Polisher (also used for face).   For lips that are wrinkled both around the lips and on lip surface, use a primer to fill in lines, such as Eye and Lip Wrinkle Smoother or Skin Smoother.  Spread a small amount of filler around entire outer lip going right onto lip surface.  Follow with a long wearing lip liner, such as our Ultimate Lip Liners or Indelible Line.  If you feel uncomfortable with lip liner, use a neutral tone that is close to your own lip color to keep lipstick and glosses from feathering and running.  You can also lightly fill in your entire lip with the liner to help hold colors on and enhance shape.  Next, choose a lipstick color that is complementary to your complexion and apply.  What I mean by this is, for example, someone with rosacea or a pinky/red skin tone should not wear bright red or pink lipstick.  This will only draw attention to the redness and make it seem more pronounced.  Likewise, someone with a sallow or yellow complexion should shy away from lipsticks that are brown or beige with a yellow undertone.  It will wash you out.  If lips are dry all the time,  choose a cream lipstick with lots of moisture, such as  Tenderness or Micro Teaberry Lipstick.  Otherwise, choose a more durable  lipstick,  like Gold Pink or Intense Emotion

     The finishing touch, like the frosting on a cake, is lip gloss.  For thin or wrinkly lips, opt for a lip plumper like Lip Tox, in a corresponding color to your lipstick or Lip Tox Clear to go with any color.  These plumpers contain collagen peptides to help rebuild and plump collagen and make lips appear fuller and without lines.  Hydragloss and Mint Moisturizing Glosses are also good options.

     To aid in re-building skin tone and texture around lips, apply Apple Stem Cell Serum under Wrinkle Relaxing Creme nightly.  These should be applied to entire face, also.  Happy smiling!!

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