The Conundrum, Dry Lips and no transfer gloss or lipstick or Moist Lips and Mask Stains. Do You Have to Choose??


 Now that the seasons are changing, skin moisture and texture changes too; including your lips.  I have

had calls and e-mails recently about dry and chapped lips and how to deal with them, so I decided to

share some of the information in these conversations. 

     The no transfer matte lip creams and shimmer lip creams are a great solution to the transfer problem inside

masks and on glasses, etc.  To those that are not familiar with the feel of a matte, no transfer lip cream, they tend

to feel dry on the lip; hence the no transfer.  They do not actually cause your lips to dry out.  In fact, quite the contrary,

they contain emollients to moisturize.  The feel of these glosses is stiffer; more like a powder feeling than a cream.  

If you want to have color on your lips when you take your mask off and eat and drink, my suggestion would be to do

your lip treatments when you are at home.  When you take your mask off or are cooking or lounging, watching TV,

that’s the time to pop on some Mint Ultraglaze or Liptoxyl X3 for a moisture bath that penetrates lip tissue.  You can

also wear these treatments over your no transfer lip creams; but it will make the no transfer properties a bit less 

effective.  Another solution would be to apply a mica powder over your favorite lipstick or gloss to set it down to a

matte finish so that it will become a stay on lipstick under your mask.