Free Your Eyes from Irritation When Wearing Make-Up and Contact Lenses

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It is time to learn a few easy, reliable steps so that you do not have to remove your
contact lenses in the name of beauty!! Learn how to apply make-up and what type
of make-up to use so that your eyes will not be red and irritated when wearing
contact lenses. Learn the tricks to keep your eye make-up where you apply it
and not on your contact lenses and in your eyes.

Look Gorgeous While Wearing Your Contact Lenses

Choose Make-up Especially for Sensitive Eyes

Put an end to red, irritated eyes when you are wearing make-up and contact lenses. Make an
educated choice for products which are soothing to lids and crease and flake-free, as well as
a mascara that is water and flake resistant but will remove easily. Choose an eyeliner that is
waterproof but yet gentle and will stay put throughout the day and evening without leaching into
eye area, coating your contact lenses.
Our liquid eyeshadows are soothing to the lids, instant dry
and crease and flake proof.  That makes these shadows perfect for contact lens wearers.
Apply directly on lid with doe-foot applicator and use finger or concealer brush to gently
tap and blend quickly into place.  This leaves a sheer, beautiful wash of color that stays
put until washed off.
Our gel eyeliners glide on with either a pointy or slant bush (included with purchase) and do not smudge,
flake or wear away during the day.  This makes our gel liners another perfect choice for contact lenses.
Even if your eyes tear, these eyeliners stay put until removed at night.  They come in a large variety
of iris-flattering colors to pop our eyes to the max!
Lush Mascara is the perfect mascara for contact lens wearers.  With its hollowfiber brush, it lifts even the tiniest lashes to
make them curl upward and hold them in place, keeping them away from contacts.  The gentle, vitamin-enriched formula
is flake and smudge free and water resistant yet washes off easily with your cleanser.
If you have any questions about make-up and contact lenses, please hit the “Ask Sherry” button on our website.

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