Easy Trick For Gorgeous, Sparkly, Indelible, Non-Transferable Lip Color

Shimmery, waterproof color that wears and wears

Shimmery, waterproof
color that wears and wears

A super easy trick for lip color that is sexy, sparkly and beautiful yet wears for hours and hours
is to choose your favorite color of lip gloss (moist works the best), such as Starlet Lip Tox, (berry
tone), Pink Lady Hydragloss (feminine light pink) or a coral tone like Blossom or Mint Kiss.
Then simply apply I-Rave Mineral Mica over top of the gloss. This mica comes with a sponge-tip
applicator, perfect for applying over gloss, and is in a spill-proof container. These I-Raves are marketed for wearing as shadow for the lids; but they are pure mineral mica and very suitable to do double duty on the lips.

For light and bright
choose Champagne I-Rave; for a more muted, neutral topping choose Sand Tropez; and for more pizzazz
choose My Little Chickadee in Sparkly Gold. You will be left with a matte, dry finish but high
velocity shine and glimmer that is waterproof and kiss proof. Incredible!

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