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Change of seasons is always a rough transition for your skin.  Cooler temperatures, changing from air conditioning to heat, less daylight — all of these things factor into patchy, red, uneven, dry skin.  With so many new skin innovations, there is simply no excuse not to address your issues quickly and responsibly to put your best face forward.

For most of us, this means a simple daily routine morning and evening that takes less than a minute to achieve.  First off, exfoliate your skin to remove any rough, dry patches and unclog pores.  We recommend our Almond Skin Polisher with Papaya Enzymes to gently slough away these problems.  The tub lasts for months, and it is bargain priced for this amazing product.   The simplest and most effective way to annihilate dry skin is to utilize three simple products; Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Elastin Collagen Creme and Firm Protect and Repair Cream.  Use the serum a.m. with Elastin Collagen Creme on top.  If you wear foundation, follow with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Mineral Photo Touch Foundation.  In the evening apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum with the Firm Protect and Repair Creme on top.

If your problem is uneven skin tone or redness, Peptides are the way to go.  Again, start with exfoliation, and follow with Peptide Serum and Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Creme.  If your redness is always present, apply Redness Calming Serum in the morning after washing and drying your skin.  Wear everyday with or without  make-up.

Whatever your skin type, always apply eye treatment at bedtime; we love the Firming Eye Serum with the Firm Up Tone Up Eye Cream on top.  Seals in solutions to bags, puffiness, wrinkles and dryness.

For more specific solutions to individual problems, please contact us at http://www.cosmeticcosmos.com and push the “Ask Sherry” button or call us at 401-842-0666.






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